Chart Your Course: Navigating the Research Sea with an ROI Compass

These days, the sea of research tools, technologies and approaches can feel vast and somewhat overwhelming. It can be easy to lose one’s way, adrift in choices - or more likely, to focus on the course you’ve taken before and know to provide safe, reliable passage.  

In this complimentary Webinar, Julia Eisenberg, Vice President of Insights for iModerate and Isaac Rogers, CEO of 20|20 Research’s technology division, will share best practices for navigating the research sea by using focused objectives and business ROI as a compass for the journey. They’ll explore how to challenge traditional thinking and put tangible brand return at the forefront of project design.

You’ll walk away with an understanding of:  

  •  How to identify true business objectives and impact for the brand at the start of the process.  
  •  Best practices for choosing and executing the approach that most closely aligns with the objectives. 
  •  Real-world examples of how the ROI compass has been used successfully to deliver more impactful insights. 


This informative Webinar is ideal for any researcher looking to link research results to business growth.   


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